Who is the official distirbutor of AirTrack Factory in Dubai and the United Arab Emirates?

Outqore is the official and exclusive agent and distributor of AirTrack Factory products in Dubai and the United Arab Emirates (UAE)

What is the difference between these AirTracks and the old tumbling tracks?

The new generation AirTracks from the AirTrack Factory are airtight. You do not need an expensive, big, noisy blower. A small hand- blower is enough to inflate even the biggest AirTracks within 4 minutes. Also, our new generation AirTracks only have 60% of the weight in comparison to the old tumbling tracks.

What is the lifespan or your products?

Obviously this will depend on how, and in what frequency the products are used. A lifespan of more than 7 years is definitely not uncommon.

Are you the manufacturer of your AirTracks?

Yes, and we are proud of it! Our products are made of top quality, industrial strength materials that originate from inflatable boat production. We use the highest available quality valves, Velcro and other materials. All products are hand-made by industry professionals and under-go a strict quality control.

Do your products comply to the European REACH regulation?

Yes, of course, our products are REACH compliant.

How long does it take to inflate an AirProduct?

Large objects: The majority of the AirProducts can be inflated within 4 minutes thanks to our high performance blowers. A 12 x 2 m AirTrack P2 takes 2½ min. to inflate using a single Hikoki blower.

Small / home use objects: Using the foot pump, AirProducts can be inflated within minutes. However, you won’t beat the high speed inflation of our OV10 blowers!

Is there a chance of damaging an AirProduct by over pressurizing it?

No, the extreme pressure needed to actually damaging an AirProduct can not be reached with the blowers we supply. Do not use any blowers or compressors not supplied by AirTrack Factory or one of its distributors to inflate the AirProduct.

24 Hours after inflation the airtrack is soft, should I be worried?

AirTracks are not designed to maintain their pressure overnight. Differences in temperatures and weather influence the pressure inside the AirProduct. Make sure to set the pressure to your preferences before each training. If you have any doubts, feel free to contact us for a professional opinion.

Where is AirTrack Factory from?

AirTrack Factory is from the Netherlands.

What is the GERI can used for?

The GERI can is used to store Fuel/Gas or Water. The White GERI cans are made for Water use (not potable/drinkable water). Once the can is used you should not mix or cleanse the can with any other type of liquid

What is the GERI can made of?

The GERI can is made from high strength polymer plastic with a self enclosed flex spout and sure seal anti-vibration cap.

Where is GERI can from?

The GERI can is manufactured in the USA.

What is the maximum storage capacity of the GERI can?

The maximum storage capacity is 4 US Gallons/ 15 Liters.

What is the maximum load that the GERI can handles?

The maximum load that can be handled is 800 lbs / 362 kgs. That means you can stack lots of camping and offroad gear on top of it!

How tight should I the GERI can cap be when sealed?

Be careful not to over-tighten the lid, as this may cause damage or unnecessary wear.

How do I use my GERI can properly?

When your cans are in use, keep full of liquid and be sure to cycle through fuel/water regularly.

What advantage does the GERI can offer?

The GERI can is ergonomically designed for easy handling and thus consists of multiple mounting and comfortable gripping points. It can also take high loads from items stacked on top.

What is the proper way to store my GERI can?

It is recommended your cans be stored long-term in a garage or similar covered area. Long duration of exposure of the GERI cans filled with gas under the sun without venting may cause it to expand and damage due to the inability of evaporating fumes to escape. This can cause permanent damage to your GERI can.


Who is the official distributor of Gibbon Slacklines in Dubai and the United Arab Emirates?
Outqore is the official and exclusive distributor of Gibbon Slacklines in Dubai and the United Arab Emirates (U.A.E.)
How to Slackline?

When learning how to slackline, it is important to first learn how to balance on the slackline and not how to walk on the slackline.In the first step, train to stand on one leg, keeping your back strait, your arms in the air and breathing deeply. Once that you are able to do it on both legs, start making your first steps, engaging the movement with your hips and not your shoulders.
At the beginning, your leg will be shacking a lot, it is normal due to the instability of the surface below your foot, your muscles get over tense. Breathing deeply and trying many times in a role will stop your leg from shacking. Just like learning how to ride a bike, it will take some time at the beginning but will quickly turn into a fun and challenging activity! Everybody can balance on a slackline!

Is it better to Slackline with shoes?

It depends on the personal preference of the user. Generally both.

Is Slacklining dangerous?

No! Just like any other sport, you need to start slacklining with a slackline and a set up adapted to your level. By setting your slackline low from the ground and with a short length, you can safely learn how to balance. Your set up will evolve with your progress, the easiest the slackline become, the more your will increase the length and height

Can I wash my Slackline?

You can wash your GIBBON slackline. It should be washed using cold water and very little detergent, netutral soap is recommended. Any metal parts including the ratchet should never be washed or put in contact with water.

Can I do tricks on a ClassicLine?

Yes, you can trickline on any GIBBON slackline. If you are looking to get more performance out of your slackline, we recommend getting a GIBBON slackline with more dynamic features (e.g. the GIBBON Jibline).

Where did Gibbon Slacklines originate from?

Gibbon Slacklines is from Germany

Gibbon Slacklines Products

Is it alright to leave my Gibbon Slacklines set up all year round?

We do not recommend leaving your GIBBON slackline set up when not in use, as it will reduce the perfomance of the webbing over time, and can have adverse effects on any fixpoints (e.g. trees).

What should I do if I can’t open my ratchet?

Check if the ratchet was set up correctly and if the webbing is blocking the natural movement of the ratchet lever. Please always keep hands and fingers out of any areas of the ratchet that have moving parts, as this may result in injury. Try using a screwdriver to lever open any blocked part until normal detensioning can be applied

What is the maximum weight that the Slackline can handle?

Our slacklines are rated from 3000-6000lbs (1360-2721 kgs) depending on the type. We do not reccommend however to use the line with more than one person at a time, and not to exceed 250lbs (113 kgs). Our Independence Kits are rated at 240lbs for a maximum user weight.

What is the minimum age to use Slackline?

Slacklining is for all ages, but we do recommend kids below the age of 12 to not use any GIBBON slackline without support and supervision.

My Slackline is damaged after excessive/ wrong use, can I still continue using it?

We do not recommend using your GIBBON slackline if there is any noticable damage to the webbing, the ratchet, or any other part of the system.

Why is my ratchet developing rust?

All metal parts are prone to developing rust if not kept dry and out of any weather conditions. In order to avoid this please keep your ratchet dry and clean, and idally treat it with synthetic lubricant.

The drum on my Slackline ratchet is full and I can’t move the ratchet lever and further?

The drum on the ratchet is only designed to take about 2-3 rotations. Generally, misuse is due to the slackline not being pre-tensioned by hand before applying the ratchet. Please see user manual for details.

What is the difference between the Classic SlackRack and the Fitness SlackRack?

Both products are similar. The main difference being the line used and the extra accessories coming with the Slackrack Fitness. For the Slackrack Fitness, the line is thinner and therefore generates more vibration, it also comes with a Tera band and a poster to practice different exercises. We recommend the Classic SlackRack for family use and the Fitness SlackRack for balance and coordination training.

Selecting the right Line

Which Slackline is suitable for tricks?

For starting doing tricks on our slacklines we recommend the Gibbon Jibline or alteratively longer Gibbon Surferline. Both lines have the same stretch, only the design and the lenght change. For advanced level tricklining we recommend our Trickline webbing series.

Which Slackline is best suited for beginners?

For beginners we highly recommend getting either a GIBBON Classic or GIBBON Funline. They can be set up at a low height and have a very high durability. Our Classic line is currently the most used slackline for beginner.

What is the difference between the Slacklines?

The different sets generally vary by design and by performance. There are different webbings, different widths, and lengths. The main characteristic that change from one line to another is the elasticity of the line.


What distances can I set up my Slackline at?

The slackline can be rigged to a maximum length of the set, considering the circumference of both anchor points (usually trees) deducted.

What is the height that I should set my Slackline at?

The ideal height for any slackline is always below hip height of the user, but high enough to avoid touching the ground with the slackline when in use.

Why should I use a TreeWear?

Tree Protection is always useful and recommended. When using any trees or fixpoints, the GIBBON Treewear helps to avoid abrasion and unnecessary damage. If the treewear is too short to go around the tree, it is important to place it in the front, facing the direction of the line. In fact the tension is higher in the front of the tree where the side of the slackline are, rather than the back of the tree.

Where can I use my Classic/ Fitness SlackRack?

The GIBBON Slackrack can be used both indoor and outdoor. Please be aware that natural weathering may cause the metal parts to deteriorate.

I am unable to insert the screws/bolts in my SlackRack, what should I do?

In rare cases you will face an issue in the Slackrack holes while assembling it, the manufacturer advises to file the holes in the SlackRack support pieces in order for the bolts to fit easily.

TIP: The bolt with the internal threads should be at the top where you have used the normal bolt. By tightenoing the screws, the bolts will slide into the holes.

Can I set up the Independence Kit in my backyard/garden?

The Independence Kit anchor rods cannot be anchored into soil nor sand and becomes unsafe to use.

Who is the official distributor of SmellWell in Dubai and the United Arab Emirates?

Outqore is the official distributor of SmellWell in Dubai and the United Arab Emirates (U.A.E.)

How to use SmellWell?

SmellWell consists of two pouches that you can use in all types of shoes, bags or spaces where bad smell may occur. Put one SmellWell in each shoe to absorb moisture, remove odor and replace it with a fresh scent. Make it a daily routine to put SmellWell in your shoes after a day at work or after your workout, this way your shoes will stay fresh all season!

How long do SmellWell last?

SmellWell generally lasts up to 6 months from the moment you open the packaging. The durability may vary depending on what you use them in.

Can I dispose used SmellWell in my household waste?

Yes, when the SmellWell no longer have any effect you can throw them in your household waste (incinerable waste) since they are not toxic.

Can I wash my SmellWell?

No, they work as a natural filter that effectively removes odor so washing them would end their functionallity.

What is the content in SmellWell?

The pouches contain natural salts and absorbents, made from renewable raw materials. The benefit of these components is that they effectively absorb moisture and odor without any biocides. The content is non-toxic and tested according to the REACH-directive for consumer and environmental safety.

Does SmellWell contain any phthalates or biocides?

No, they do not contain phthalates nor biocides.

Do SmellWell come in different scents?

No, it is the same fresh scent in all designs!

Can I use SmellWell if I am allergic to perfumes?

We have not had any issues with our fragrance. If you experience any irritation we recommend that you discontinue the use of the product.

Can SmellWell prevent athletes foot?

Athletes foot is a common dilemma for those who use compact shoes that easily become warm and sweaty. This is the perfect environment for bacteria and athlete’s foot to thrive. By continuously using SmellWell you will keep your shoes dry and thereby you may prevent the risk.

Where is SmellWell from?

SmellWell is from Sweden.

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